gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun is a treasure,



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So what happens if two people who have promised their firstborn to separate witches have a child together? Do they both just pop up in the nursery and have a custody battle?

I need a book about a little girl…

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During the scene when Mulan decides to go to war instead of her father, she decides to do it while sitting on the foot of the Great Stone Dragon. The image of the dragon looking over Mulan is repeated several times throughout the sequence, and the bolts of lightning strike at significant times whenever the dragon is in sight. When Mulan takes her father’s scroll and when she is praying to her ancestors, the Great Stone Dragon can be seen. It is also engraved on the sword Mulan uses to cut her hair and the handles of the wardrobe containing the armor are in the shape of the dragon’s head. The dragon’s eyes glowing in the temple symbolizes Mulan’s role as protector of her family awakening, instead of the actual dragon.

The reason Mushu couldn’t wake the dragon is because the dragon was no longer there. Mulan is implied to be the Great Dragon that protects her family.



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You’d think a witch working down in the Department of Mysteries would know better than to go about flaunting a criminal record. Or to continue breaking the law, for that matter.

Padma Patil kept on. You could say it was a challenge, of sorts, one that she kept up even after being hauled up in front of the Wizengamot no less than three times. People said the only reason she’d got off scott-free was because she was a war-hero. Maybe they weren’t wrong; maybe war heroes were invulnerable, maybe they played by rules that others weren’t privy to.

It wasn’t as if it was a big offense. A minor infraction of the rules, a regular flaunting of the Statute of Secrecy. One little hole in the blind the wizarding world had pulled over the muggles’ eyes. But the way they went on about it, Merlin, you’d think it was the end of the world - putting us all in danger by her blatant disregard for the rules.

Of course, no one asked them why they thought a magical carpet was more likely to be spotted than a broomstick. A magical carpet - that was unusual and that was enough. Never mind that it was far more comfortable, far more efficient than a broom. It was odd, it was out of place, it was an infraction of the Statute of Secrecy.

Padma kept on flying her carpet. One day they’d figure it out. One day they’d realize it wasn’t simply about the Statute of Secrecy but something much larger. A whole way of living rendered invalid and meaningless by one petty little law - something they worried about because they knew and they couldn’t separate the threads of the magical and non-magical the same way these men from the Ministry could.

Till then they could keep slapping on the handcuffs as much as they bloody well liked. She was in bloody good company.

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Bee therapy for bad days, again

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(and i’ll be holding onto you)

cause I’m trying, I’m trying to sleep

(and i’ll be holding onto you)

I’m trying, I’m trying to sleep

(and i’ll be holding onto you)

but I can’t (and i’ll be holding onto you) 

but I can’t (and i’ll be holding onto you)

when you all have

(and i’ll be holding onto you)

Guns for hands

(and i’ll be holding onto you)

(And I’ll be Holding Onto You)

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(taken from this post on the experiments of Harry Harlow)

This is serious business, because this is a large part of how sexism, racism, homophobia, rape culture, ethnocentrism, etc. continue to happen.

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"How do we shape minds to think outside of the boxes of the oppressive cultures in which we live and develop responsible technologies? How do we cultivate cultures and critical thinking that will foster new technologies? How do we make available access to information, spaces and tools that will help people to create new technologies? A lot of how we see technology is steeped in Western thought of efficiency, progress and making capital and not how it enriches our lives, the lives of other animals, plants and the Earth. We still have a lot of unlearning to do."

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Ya’ll seriously need to check Gabriel Picolo out, he is AMAZING and all of his sketches are incredible

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Continuum Appreciation Week

Day 4: Favorite Non-Kiera Cameron Moment

Betty being adorable in Dillon’s flashback

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